Our Story

About Our Brand

Our brand Azalea’s came about from my daughter who goes by the name Jhene’ and who’s middle name is Azalea.

Azalea resides in the State of New Jersey where she lives with Her Mom, Dad and her adorable big brother Zachary who will be introduced to the Azalea's family soon.

I decided to create this hair accessory line because of my love for headbands and how adorable she looked in them, it had gotten to a point where she was labeled the headband baby. So then my love for hair accessories grew more since then.

Azalea’s is here to be totally different and to provide you with our unique style and taste for floral and prints, our spotted fabric is a signature print that means so much to us it represents a significant moment in our life where she was all dressed in her first spotted outfit, and so we hold this very close to our heart.

Thank you for choosing Azalea’s we are more than happy to welcome our Azalea babies to our family with our unique pieces all made with love.

The Story Behind Azalea's Spotted Headbands